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Kew Wildlife Care Collection

Proudly introducing The Kew Wildlife Care
Collection from CJ Wildlife:

• A range of 45 premium wildlife care products
including food, feeders and nest boxes.

• High quality products with a strong on shelf appeal
achieved through consistent, premium green branding
for all products in the Kew Collection.

• All foods have been formulated on a high energy, no
wheat basis.

• The range includes many established CJ Wildlife
bestsellers plus several exclusive lines.

Benefits of stocking the Collection: Brand Support

• Kew is one of the UK’s top visitor attractions (with As a customer of the Kew Wildlife Care Collection range,
over 1 million visitors a year). This ensures a high you will have access to a full POS package - including
level of consumer awareness of the brand especially shelf header boards, shelf strips and educational leaflets.
amongst the ABC1 audience which is the key focus of
this range. CJ Wildlife are Europe’s leading garden wildlife
specialist and we have the knowledge and expertise to
• Kew is a world leader in plant science and answer your questions about the range, about wildlife
conservation and carries with it an authority that is care, and to help you support and advise your customers
recognised by consumers – it is a premium brand and
a brand to trust. About Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

• The Kew Wildlife Care Collection is a perfect range The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew was founded in 1759,
support for plant sales within a garden centre. The and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003.
range illustrates the relationship between plants and Kew is the acknowledged leader in the science of
wildlife in gardens – where both support each other to plant and fungal diversity. Its work helps to safeguard
thrive. the world’s plant life for our future, promoting the
sustainable use of plants and inspiring an appreciation
• High quality, no waste products, such as those in of plants and the environment. Alongside Kew
this collection, are proven to attract more wildlife in Gardens in London is the country garden of Wakehurst
gardens. More wildlife creates greater retail sales. Place, Sussex home to Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank
partnership, the world’s most ambitious plant
• The collection is available to purchase in a modular conservation initiative. It is the largest wild plant seed
special offer deal that covers the span of key birding bank and will eventually hold the seeds of at least half of
products from quality foods, feeders and exclusive all known plants.
nest boxes. This is also backed up by a comprehensive
POS package. Kew is a wonderful place to watch birds. The varied
plant collections and rich invertebrate fauna support
There are also the general benefits of stocking a over 40 species of bird which breed in the Gardens
wildlife care range: annually, while at least 30 more visit regularly in season.

• Many wildlife species have declined since the 1970s
as a result of environmental changes including
intensification of farming, land development and
pollution. Customers therefore know that providing
food, water and shelter for them in their gardens can
make a big difference to survival chances.

• Equally, lots of people get immense pleasure and
satisfaction from watching the wildlife visiting feeders
and tables. This becomes a habit, leading to the
potential for repeat sales throughout the year.

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