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Kew Foods

Kew Peanuts Kew Peanuts
Order Code: 200030846 • Our high quality peanuts are selected from only the
Unit Quantity: 8
Unit Volume: 1 kg finest crops and are high in essential protein and oil
• Appeals to a wide range of species including tits,
sparrows, finches, nuthatches and woodpeckers
Kew Sunflower Hearts • Feed from a mesh bird feeder to prevent wildlife
Order Code: 250020646
Unit Quantity: 6 choking on whole peanuts
Unit Volume: 2 kg • We test our peanuts to ensure nil detectable signs of

V(0fb05e-BIGCID( Aflatoxin – a mould which can develop on peanuts and
be extremely harmful to garden wildlife
Kew Organic Seed Mix
Order Code: 120060846 Kew Sunflower Hearts
Unit Quantity: 8 • This versatile food can be fed from feeders, the ground
Unit Volume: 1 kg
or bird tables
New! • Popular with most garden birds including desirable

V(0fb05e-CCACIE( species such as goldfinches, bullfinches, great spotted
woodpeckers and robins

Kew Organic Seed Mix
• High in essential fats and oils
• Wheat free mix
• Suitable for all year-round feeding
• Versatile Seed Mix – feed from tables or bird feeders
• Will attract a wide range of species 01743 709555 5
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