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Kew Foods

Kew Robin & Wren Ground Blend Kew Robin & Wren Ground Blend
Order Code: 120560846
Unit Quantity: 8 • This special blend contains high quality seeds, suet
Unit Volume: 1 kg pellets, dried mealworms and sultanas, the perfect mix
to attract Britain’s favourite garden bird, the robin
• Will also appeal to other ground feeding birds
Kew Duck & Swan Special Blend including wrens, blackbirds and thrushes
Order Code: 160030846
Unit Quantity: 8 • Wheat free mix deters pigeons from feeders
Unit Volume: 1 kg
Kew Duck & Swan Special Blend
• This balanced food has been created to keep wildfowl
Kew Dried Mealworms healthy and is far more nutritious than bread
Order Code: 280300846
Unit Quantity: 8 • Contains specific vitamins and minerals essential for
Unit Volume: 50 g ducks, swans, moorhens and geese

V(0fb05e-BIGBGA( • Can be fed on the ground or scattered in the water
• Ideal for family days out and introducing children to

Kew Dried Mealworms

• Protein-rich dried mealworms, replicates the natural
insect diet of garden birds

• Mealworms are a huge help to parent birds feeding
their young; ensuring chicks get all the protein they

• Popular with robins, blackbirds and woodpeckers
• Can be fed from the ground, bird tables or specialist

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